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Entrepreneurs in OKC

Oklahoma City is home to some of today’s national leaders in innovation. From web-based platforms that improve consumers lives to companies who are changing the face of decades-old industries, OKC is America's startup engine. Some OKC-grown companies include:

  • WeGoLook, an Oklahoma City-based startup recently hire their 100the employee and contracts with more than 20,000 “Lookers” to verify claims made by Internet sellers about their assets or properties. WeGoLook is the official inspection service for eBay Motors. The company was founded in 2009 by Robin Smith, Mat Smith and Mark Caywood after a friend was trying to purchase a high-end projector online and commented that he wished someone could look at it. WeGoLook is expanding its services to offer notary service as well as collecting data for insurance claims.

  • Spiers New Technologies Inc., an Oklahoma City startup, re-manufactures batteries for use in electric cars and other alternative forms of energy. The company, based in a warehouse in downtown Oklahoma City, grades and re-manufactures used high-performance batteries. The batteries are used in electric cars, or in energy storage systems that hold excess energy from renewable sources, like solar power.

  • Oseberg: Revolutionizing a decades-old industry by providing new access to data and records. The company release a new product this year called Sól, a Web-based research tool that improves access to oil and gas industry data.

  • Cage: An online collaboration tool that allows designers and their teams to share, manage, and approve their creative work from any device. Cage recently collaborated with Adobe, a huge player in software, to integrate in Adobe’s Creative cloud SDK.

  • Tailwind began in 2012 as a social network for brides-to-be that incorporated content from wedding planning favorite Pinterest. Today, the company is an analytics and marketing platform for Pinterest with more than 12,000 paying clients ranging from small businesses to Fortune 500 companies. Tailwind has employees in both Oklahoma City and New York.

  • Miira Artist Tools creates powerful and innovative tools for artists, designers, architects, and other visual creatives. Miira’s flagship products are The View Frame and the Miira app, which help artists solve composition problems.

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