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The Oklahoma City National Memorial & Museum

In 2015, the Oklahoma City National Memorial & Museum commemorated the 20th anniversary of the terrorist attack that claimed 168 lives by completing a $10 million renovation. Some of the new features include interactive exhibits, oral histories and newly displayed artifacts that tell the story.

On April 19, 1995, tragedy struck Oklahoma City when the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building was bombed. Oklahoma City residents, and the rest of the nation, were overcome by shock and grief. It would have been easy for them to take a step back, hang their heads and halt all progress. But Oklahoma City residents came together in a show of unity unlike anything the country had ever seen; that unity and kindness has since become known as the 'Oklahoma Standard.' From the first hours after the bombing, Oklahomans began to create small makeshift memorials around the perimeter of the bombsite - mounds of flowers, stuffed animals, personal notes, cards and prayers. From those small gestures of remembrance emerged a task force that created a memorial museum and symbolic outdoor memorial to honor the lives lost and tell the story. The memorial was dedicated on April 19, 2000, the fifth anniversary of the bombing.

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